Holiday Joy Caroling Jigsaw Puzzle

SKU: 41930
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Piece Count Selected: 300 Large Piece - 18" x 24"

This 500 piece jigsaw puzzle is designed by Ruane Manning . Puzzles are perfect for both intermediate puzzle enthusiasts and group activities. In the heart of a small town center, a group of carolers sing under the enchanting glow of a fully decorated Christmas tree, while a horse pulling a sleigh pauses to join the audience. The entire town is adorned with the twinkle of Christmas lights, and a friendly snowman watches the festive performance, all coming together to create a picturesque holiday tableau. Available in multiple piece counts.
  • Made from Recycled Material.
  • Random cut puzzle pieces. No two pieces are alike.
  • Enhance your experience by including puzzle accessories with your order, allowing you to preserve, frame, and proudly showcase your completed puzzle.
  • Shop all of our Christmas jigsaw puzzles here.
Piece Count Selected: 300 Large Piece - 18" x 24"

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