Planting Season Jigsaw Puzzle

SKU: 43848

Piece Count Selected: 300 Large Piece - 18" x 24"

This John Sloane jigsaw puzzle, encapsulates the essence of farm life in a tableau. As you fit each piece, you're invited to a vibrant spring day on the farm, where hard work under the open sky is the spirit of the day. A farmer guides his horses, turning the rich earth in preparation for planting, while in the background, a woman plants seeds for future blooms. A curious pup adds a touch of whimsy to the scene. Assembling this puzzle is like painting a love letter to the time-honored tradition of tilling the land. Available in multiple piece count. Puzzles are renowned for their engaging complexity, offering a satisfying challenge with their smaller, intricate pieces.
  • Designed by John Sloane
  • Random cut - No two pieces are alike
  • Made from Recycled materials
Piece Count Selected: 300 Large Piece - 18" x 24"

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