Crystal Hearts Snowman

SKU: 40410

Choose Size: Small - 3-1/4"

Our adorable snowmen will certainly deliver some holiday cheer! A multitude of facets, our crystal snowmen sparkle with bright-red hats, carrot noses and each is decorated with a pair of crystal hearts. Charcoal eyes and charming smiles will bring joy to any recipient. This dazzling snowman deserves a place on your table! This snowman is adorned with a hat and two small hearts and makes a memorable Christmas gift.

  • Are there any other products similar to the Crystal Hearts Snowman?
  • Yes, if you've fallen in love with this snowman, then we suggest checking out our selection of personalized gifts.
  • Does the Crystal Hearts Snowman make for a memorable gift?
  • Absolutely! This gift is full of Christmas cheer and would make a perfect gift for someone you love.
Choose Size: Small - 3-1/4"

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