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Enjoy exploring our selection of adult jigsaw puzzles of all shapes, sizes and difficulty levels from the latest Bits And Pieces catalog!

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Commonly Asked Questions

Do you have a question about our puzzles for adults? Check out our FAQ below!

How hard are the adult jigsaw puzzles?

Jigsaw puzzles for adults are slightly more difficult than your average puzzle but, at the same time, can be great for all ages. The difficulty of each puzzle can greatly depend on the amount of pieces each puzzle has. If an Americana puzzle has 500 pieces, it may be fairly easy, but if a scenic puzzle has 1500 pieces, it could present a challenge.

What can I do with my adult puzzle after it's assembled?

Many adults love to frame their assembled puzzles. This section is a great way to drive users to the B&P puzzle glue/frames page. We can note how the customer can glue and frame their finished puzzle, or, take it apart and start over.

What is the best way to assemble my adult jigsaw puzzle?

Because adult jigsaw puzzles have a perception of being more difficult, visitors will naturally want to know the best way to assemble one. This is a great way to encourage site exploration to the puzzle organizer page. Note that puzzle organizers are great when strategizing on how to assemble your adult puzzle.

What are the best jigsaw puzzles for adults?

The best jigsaw puzzles for adults can depend on the person and the challenge they are looking for. We'd recommend looking into our 1000 piece puzzles for a decent challenge or a group activity. If one is looking for a solo puzzle experience, a 500 piece puzzle would work nicely.

Is it good for the brain to do jigsaw puzzles?

It is safe to say that jigsaw puzzles are good for the brain. Completing adult jigsaw puzzles can improve mental speed and encourage better visual-spatial reasoning. Our puzzles help keep the mind active, while providing a bit of challenge along the way.