Sneaking Cookies Jigsaw Puzzle

SKU: 41632
Bits Puzzles

Piece Count Selected: 1000 Piece - 20" x 27"

This jigsaw puzzle is designed by Liz Goodrick-Dillon. Available in multiple piece counts. Everyone loves cookies — including dogs! This puzzle will make your mouthwater. You'll be baking cookies of your own in no time.

  • Are puzzles like the Sneaking Cookies Jigsaw Puzzle helpful for mental health?
  • Yes, these puzzles are great for mental health. They decrease blood pressure and increase your connections.
  • How do you start the Sneaking Cookies Jigsaw Puzzle?
  • Prep your work area by cleaning it off. Turn on the lights so you can see your puzzle. Next, dump out all of the pieces, sort them by color, and start putting together your puzzle one section at a time!
Piece Count Selected: 1000 Piece - 20" x 27"

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