Set of 6: Alan Giana Jigsaw Puzzles

SKU: 42128
Bits Puzzles

Piece Count Selected: 300 Large Piece - 18" x 24"

This jigsaw puzzle set of 6 is designed by Alan Giana. Puzzles are renowned for their engaging complexity, offering a satisfying challenge with their smaller, intricate pieces. Embark on a captivating journey with this set of 6 puzzles, each portraying a different enchanting scene. From moonlit churchyards with watchful owls to splendid mansions surrounded by vibrant gardens, and classic red barns amid fluttering butterflies, these puzzles invite you to explore the beauty of nature and the changing seasons, all while capturing the charm of idyllic countryside settings.

  • Made from Recycled Material.
  • Random cut puzzle pieces. No two pieces are alike.
  • Enhance your experience by including puzzle accessories with your order, allowing you to preserve, frame, and proudly showcase your completed puzzle.
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Piece Count Selected: 300 Large Piece - 18" x 24"

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