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Small Galileo Thermometer

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Product Description

Our colorful glass thermometer is based on Galileo's theory: in liquid, a body of fixed mass becomes less buoyant as the liquid temperature rises, and more buoyant as the temperature decreases—due to changes in liquid density. As the temperature changes, the multi-colored balls rise and fall within the liquid-filled thermostatic tube. The lowest sphere in the top group within the instrument indicates ambient temperature. Made of glass, measures 9" tall with five temperature indicators.

Product Reviews

  • $5 free shipping

  • I appreciate getting the shipping lowered.

  • Posted by Deborah Kelly on Nov 26, 2016
  • Galileo Thermoneter

  • Lovely, interestng addition to my living room, amazingly accurate! I love it and have ordered two more for my friends.

  • Posted by Mary Mahoney on Nov 19, 2016

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