Set of 2: Murder Mystery Jigsaw Puzzles

SKU: 41222
Bits Puzzles

Have twice the amount of fun with the 500 piece Set of 2: Murder Mystery Jigsaw Puzzles, which contain the Robber's Nest Piece Jigsaw Puzzle and the Murder in The Alps Piece Jigsaw Puzzle. Both mystery jigsaw puzzles are 500 pieces and were designed by the brilliant artist Gene Dieckhoner.
  • Two 500 Piece Puzzles
  • Dimensions: 18" x 24"
  • Designed by Gene Dieckhoner

  • What should I do if I'm missing a Mystery Jigsaw Puzzle Piece?
    Don't let a missing puzzle piece bring you down! Contact us for support or create your own substitute piece!

    How long will it take to complete both 500 Piece Murder Mystery Puzzles?
    There's nothing better than getting started on a puzzle on a Saturday night! Each 500 piece puzzle will most likely take up 2 to 7 hours of your time to finish.

    Are the Murder Mystery Jigsaw Puzzles for Adults?
    Both murder mystery puzzles can be for adults or kids! It all depends on the type of challenge you are looking for. Two 500 piece puzzles are a great start for a group or an individual looking for a slight challenge.

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