Cloud Nine Tessellation Jigsaw Puzzles

Each tessellation jigsaw puzzle is a certifiable challenge of patience and perseverance. In this interlocking jigsaw series of vibrant imagery, each tessellation puzzle contains two repetitive interior puzzle piece shapes, two alternating border shapes, and four corners, with thousands of possible combinations.

Cloud Nine Tessellation Jigsaw Puzzles

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Tessellation Puzzle FAQ

Want a jigsaw puzzle that never gets old? Check out our entire selection of tessellation puzzles for a great value on unique puzzles that will keep you and your friends and family challenged. To complete these tessellation puzzles, only one correct assembly of the 280 pieces will complete the image accurately, and you will be on "Cloud Nine"! Check out our FAQ below for any questions you may have.

What is a Tessellation Puzzle?

A tessellation is defined as a gapless mosaic of defined shapes. In easier terms, our tessellation puzzles feature repeating patterns that will create an image with no gaps or overlaps. From scenic pastures to oceanic views, Bits & Pieces set of four tessellation jigsaw puzzles are guaranteed to challenge your perception with each puzzle's unique theme.

How Do Tessellation Puzzle Pieces Work?

Each of our Tessellation puzzles have two matching interior puzzle piece shapes and two alternating border shapes with four border pieces, which makes it possible for each puzzle to have different outcomes. However, only one correct formation will display the puzzle's actual image. For a visual example, checkout our video at the top of the page!