Oversized 1000 Piece Large Jigsaw Puzzles

Introducing... large jigsaw puzzles with oversized pieces. Easier to handle, easier to see. They have larger finished size pieces for the puzzle enthusiast that enjoys the challenge of many pieces, but without the difficulty of smaller pieces.

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Large Piece Jigsaw Puzzles for Adults FAQ

Whether you're buying a puzzle for yourself, or for a friend or family member, Bits and Pieces has some tips for frequently asked questions on large jigsaw puzzles.

What is the Benefit of Oversized Puzzle Pieces?

Large puzzle pieces are easy to view and handle making them a great choice for those with poor eyesight. Each large jigsaw puzzle is also easier to see and, in general, helps remove the barrier of accessibility that smaller pieces present. This makes them ideal puzzles for older adults and kids !

Are 1000 Large Piece Jigsaw Puzzles Still Challenging?

Bits and Pieces 1000 large piece jigsaw puzzles vary in difficulty depending on the exact puzzle, but still present a challenge. The pieces may be larger, but solving the problem still remains the same. Try out our large puzzles to test it out yourself!