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Puzzle Frames & Glue

We have a large variety of puzzle frames and glue to preserve and display your puzzle after completing it! 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Puzzle Glue and Puzzle Frame FAQ

What is Puzzle Glue?

Instead of having to break apart a puzzle after the avid puzzler has spent hours of hard work, they can instead use puzzle glue and a frame to keep their puzzle together forever. Once glued together and placed inside a frame, the dazzling completed jigsaw puzzles will look splendid on any home or office wall. If you know a puzzle enthusiast, puzzle glue will make the perfect birthday or holiday gift.

Puzzle glue is a specialized substance created to safely stick together the pieces of a puzzle. By combining an adhesive with a lacquer, puzzle glue will hold puzzle pieces together, leaving behind no sign of residue, and even protect the puzzle pieces by covering them in a glossy finish. When hung on the wall in a puzzle frame, the finished product is a masterpiece for all to enjoy.

What Are Puzzle Frames?

After you have completed a particularly difficult puzzle, it can be painful to take it apart and put it away. Instead of storing your puzzle collection so that its only purpose is to collect dust, use a jigsaw puzzle frame to display your hard work. Frames for puzzles can come in all shapes and sizes, so you can dazzle your guests with your personally pieced-together artwork. Simply use puzzle glue and a frame to stick the pieces together. Then hang the completed puzzle in its frame so that all can admire its glory.

If you are among the many puzzlers who finish a challenging puzzle and want to know how to proceed check out our Bits and Pieces Blog. Here, we will explain the many ways in which you can turn your puzzle into an artistic masterpiece and other things you can do with a finished puzzle.

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