Aerator Shoes

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A lush and verdant lawn needs the right amount of air and water penetration to allow essential nutrients to enter the soil, and fortify the grass roots. These lawn aerator spike shoes assists in breaking up compact soil to promote unobstructed air flow and water absorption, thus yielding a stronger, healthier, lawn. Designed to provide a reliable tight fit around any shoe, including women's. The strong secure buckles and straps will secure the durable plastic base to your feet so they do not slip within the shoe as you walk. Rented difficult to use aeration equipment, and expensive lawn services are no longer needed! Simply strap on your lawn shoes and walk around your lawn at your own leisure to aerate. 5&frac14" wide, 11&34" deep, 2&14" high with 17" long straps and 2" long spikes.

•PROFESSIONAL AERATION: Lawn Aerator Shoes make it easy to achieve the necessary aeration of soil yourselves for a way greener, healthier and more beautiful lawn, simply wear these lawn aerator shoes and walk around to cover the entire length of your garden.
•INEXPENSIVE: Lawn aerator shoes offer an alternative over the professional services which cost you a fortune to maintain a good lawn, these shoes are a one time investment that's going to help you with years of lawn aeration.
•STRONG AND DURABLE: These aerator shoes are made with a sturdy plastic base which provides a good heel support, 13 heavy duty metal 48 mm spikes on each sandal, and 2 adjustable straps with strong secure buckles, all the metallic parts are anti-corrosive and durable, ergonomic design ensures that the shoes stay firmly on your feet and the sharp nails make it easy to dig the soil for effective aeration.
•EFFORTLESS: Reap double benefits by wearing them when you take a routine walk, just choose the garden this time, even better is wear them while mowing your lawn so that you accomplish two important tasks simultaneously.
•EASY TO USE: Aerator shoes also come with a small wrench to make the installation extremely easy, once installed the lawn aeration shoes can be strapped over any of your strong shoes, making you ready even for the most difficult to reach areas of your lawn, once you get accustomed to walking in these shoes, you can wear them simply while taking an evening walk in the lawn and achieve effective aeration without any extra efforts.

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