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Browse our assortment of portable puzzle tables that are guaranteed to take your puzzling to the next level. Bits and Pieces has everything from puzzle tables to table stands. Puzzle lovers can't get enough of our portable jigsaw puzzle tables, which provide the ultimate surface to complete your puzzle in a relaxing environment. Puzzle tables come with a variety of features, as some of them tilt up, fold out, or spin. Jigsaw puzzle tables help keep the larger spaces in your home decluttered so you can stay organized and are available in a wide variety of sizes.

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Puzzle Tables From Bits and Pieces

We know you'll be happy with a puzzle table from Bits and Pieces. Our puzzle tables are portable, adjustable, easy to store, and made from high-quality materials. We make our products built to last for years of continued use. With a portable puzzle table, you can not only work on jigsaw puzzles at home but take them on the go too!

What Is a Puzzle Table?

A puzzle table, or jigsaw puzzle table, is a surface used for easier puzzle assembly. It differs from other puzzle accessories such as portable caddies, puzzle organizers, and jigsaw pads in that it has both a flat surface and legs. This means you won't have to hunch over your puzzle or struggle to get the right angle and proximity. With a table, you can comfortably pull up a chair and work on a flat or tilted felt surface.

What Size Should Portable Jigsaw Puzzle Tables Be?

Jigsaw puzzle tables come in a range of sizes. Finding the right size jigsaw puzzle table ultimately depends on the size of projects you like to do. If you like to do large puzzles with many pieces, you want to make sure you select a table that can accommodate the finished product with a bit of extra space around the perimeter. Most of our portable puzzle tables can fit up to 1,500 puzzle pieces. That said, it is important to review the measurements of each product before purchasing.

What Is the Best Surface for Jigsaw Puzzles?

Puzzling surfaces vary, and the one you select has a lot to do with your preferences. Many puzzlers enjoy a felt surface to prevent pieces from sliding around. Whichever you prefer, all of our puzzle tables, tableaus, stands, and easels are stable surfaces specially designed for easy puzzle building.