Puzzle Tables & Organizers

Pick out the perfect puzzle holder so you never have to worry about dropping your pieces on the floor again! Our selection of jigsaw puzzle accessories gives you plenty of options like framing or gluing your puzzle. Portable jigsaw puzzle organizers with non-slip surfaces are high-quality and can help you to store or transport your puzzle to any room in your house! Some of our jigsaw puzzle accessories are exclusively designed by us and even spin or tilt up, providing a better puzzle solving experience so you don't strain your neck.
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Puzzle Accessories & Puzzle Supplies from Bits and Pieces

Since 1983, Bits and Pieces has provided original and high-quality jigsaw puzzle accessories for children and adults alike. Our expertise and proprietary processes have led us to supply accessories that make puzzling easier and more fun. From puzzle storage options to tableaus, sorting trays, roll-up systems, spinners and puzzle boards. We have everything you need to enhance your puzzle experience.

Puzzle Organizers & Sorters

Our selection of puzzle organizers and sorters help to keep your projects neat and tidy. Puzzle pads and plateaus keep pieces contained and make it easy to move in-progress projects from one surface to another. Puzzle trays ensure you never lose a piece and can even take your work on the go. The plateau lounger increases your comfort while you assemble, and spinners help you make puzzling easier and more fun when multiple people are involved.

Puzzle Caddies & Roll-Ups

Caddies and roll-ups are ideal for those who want to travel with their puzzles, even just from one room to another. They also help to keep your home tidy and surfaces cleared. With portable caddies and roll-ups, you can simply pause your puzzle project and close or roll it up, storing it out of the way or taking it with you.

Puzzle Tables

Puzzle tables really make puzzling more enjoyable. Not only do they make it easier for multiple people to work on the same project at once, but they also increase comfort. Fold-and-go jigsaw tables make it easier to get up close to your puzzle, and angled tablesangled tables prevent you from having to uncomfortably lean over while you work.

Puzzle Frames & Glue

Just completed a puzzle you're particularly proud of? Show it off with our jigsaw puzzle frame and glue options! Our frames come in sizes common to completed puzzles so you can display your finished work for years to come. Our puzzle glue is specially formulated to adhere pieces together so you don't have to worry about losing any. We also have peel-and-stick options that make keeping your puzzle assembled easier than ever.