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Welcome to your one-stop destination to shop jigsaw puzzles, where every piece is a promise of adventure and satisfaction. Our wide collection of puzzles come in a variety of assorted sizes, styles and pieces. They are the perfect combination of challenging and fun!
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Jigsaw Puzzle FAQ

Bits & Pieces offers a comprehensive selection of jigsaw puzzles, featuring puzzles by renowned artists with a variety of themes, shapes, piece counts, such as 200 pieces to 1000 piece puzzles, and difficulty levels. If you have any questions about our jigsaw puzzle take a look at our frequently asked questions!

What Should I Do With my Jigsaw Puzzle Once It's Finished?

Once your jigsaw puzzle is finished, to help preserve it you can carefully glue it together. Start by placing a sheet of wax paper or plastic wrap beneath the puzzle to protect your work surface. Then, use puzzle glue or Mod Podge, applied with a foam brush, to cover the front of the puzzle, ensuring all pieces are well-coated. Allow it to dry completely, usually for several hours or overnight. Once dry, trim any excess glue, and your glued puzzle will be ready for framing or display as a completed work of art!

How to Store My Jigsaw Puzzle?

Storing your jigsaw puzzle properly is important to keep it in good condition. You can use a puzzle roll-up mat or a large piece of felt to carefully roll up your finished puzzle. Alternatively, if you prefer to store it flat, you can slide it into a puzzle storage bag or use sheets of wax paper to separate the layers if you stack multiple puzzles. Make sure to keep it in a cool, dry place to prevent humidity and temperature changes from warping the pieces. Labeling the storage container with the puzzle's image and piece count can also help you quickly identify it later.

Why are Jigsaw Puzzles Good For You?

Completing puzzles can reduce stress and improve focus, providing a relaxing and meditative experience. Additionally, they encourage patience and perseverance while fostering a sense of accomplishment when finishing a challenging puzzle, making them a beneficial and enjoyable mental exercise for people of all ages.