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What to do with Jigsaw Puzzles When Finished | Bits & Pieces

What to do with Jigsaw Puzzles When Finished | Bits & Pieces

The thrill of finally completing the puzzle you’ve been working on provides a huge sense of accomplishment for puzzle lovers. But, what do you do with a puzzle once it’s finished? It feels wrong to just set it aside or box it up immediately after completing it. 

We understand this predicament and have compiled a few ideas to help you decide what to do with your finished puzzle.

What to do with Jigsaw Puzzles


Take a picture!

After working on a favorite puzzle for hours (or even days!), the first thing you want to do is share the finished product! There are several ways to share your work, such as taking a picture and sharing it with family or friends on social media.

In addition to your inner circle, you can also share the result of your hard work with fellow puzzle enthusiasts and puzzle communities. Some puzzle companies even run contests for their followers. Check out our Facebook page to see our contests or share your Bits and Pieces puzzle on Instagram and tag us @bitsandpiecespuzzles to share your work with our puzzle community.

Glue and frame your finished puzzle

After you take some photos of your puzzle, you may decide to display your work on your wall at home. An easy way to achieve this is to glue your puzzle to a wooden puzzle frame. The idea of gluing your newly finished puzzle may sound intimidating, but it’s easy– we promise! 

Here is a simple step-by-step tutorial on creating your very own puzzle art piece: 

Step 1: Make sure your puzzle is as flat as possible. When you prepare to add your glue, you don’t want your pieces to pop up or bubble. Gently use a rolling pin to flatten out the puzzle.

Step 2: It’s time to glue your puzzle pieces. Get yourself a high-quality puzzle glue and apply it to the front of your completed puzzle. You can use a tool with a flat edge or a piece of plastic or cardboard to help smooth the glue and ensure no uneven spots. 

Step 3: Let it dry completely. It is essential that your puzzle is dry before moving on to step four. 

Step 4: Flip your puzzle over and apply glue to the back. 

Step 5: Choose a piece of cardboard or thin foam to mount the puzzle before placing it in a frame. Then you will simply apply glue to the back of your puzzle, position the mounting piece over top of the puzzle, and voila! You’re ready to add it to your frame. 

Step 6: Add your mounted puzzle to the frame and choose the perfect place to display your masterpiece.

If you’re looking for a simpler way to preserve your puzzle, you can always use an adhesive puzzle sheet instead of glue. 

Donate your completed puzzle

Not everyone wants to keep their finished puzzle forever. In this case, a great alternative is to donate your puzzle to a non-profit or retirement facility. Additionally, many charities have thrift stores you can donate to and share the joy your puzzle gave you with someone else. Other great places to consider donating your puzzle to are outpatient cancer treatment facilities in hospitals. Patients undergoing chemotherapy and other treatments can have a welcomed distraction working on your puzzles. 

Gift your finished puzzle to someone you love

If you prefer to share your puzzle with someone you know, we suggest gifting your puzzle to a friend or family member. Most puzzles are still in great shape once completed, and you can share a story about how easy (or difficult) it was to complete and offer some tips. This is a great way to spend some extra time with someone special. If you don’t have a puzzle handy, you can always share a special gift or activity the next time you gather with a loved one – quality time is the perfect gift for any occasion.

Break it down and start again

Another option for what to do with your finished puzzle is to do it over again! Give yourself a fun challenge by setting a timer and trying to complete it as fast as you can. You can even take your puzzle with you on your next vacation or outdoor adventure for a change of scenery. The more times you complete your puzzle, the better and faster you will be for the next one.

Move on to the next puzzle

Sometimes it can be difficult to move on to another puzzle after spending so much time and effort on one. The good news is that working on puzzles is an excellent brain exercise and there are some really interesting puzzles to complete. From the serene to the surreal, there’s a puzzle for just about anyone.


Now that you’ve mastered your jigsaw puzzle and know how to preserve your finished puzzle, are you ready to keep puzzling? Check out best-selling puzzles from Bits and Pieces and a wide variety of our new puzzles today. Thanks for reading. 

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