100 Piece Puzzles

Find the perfect puzzle among our wide selection of 100 piece jigsaw puzzles. The large format pieces make them easy to handle and fun to put together! Our 100 piece puzzles are perfect for children and adults of all ages. The large pieces are ergonomic and easy to hold. Plus, they help keep your mind sharp, which is important for those who are older in age. Our 100 piece jigsaw puzzles for adults feature farm animals, construction sites, wildlife, and more!

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100 Piece Puzzles Commonly Asked Questions

Do you have a question about our 100 piece puzzles? Check out our answers to common FAQs below!

How difficult are 100 piece puzzles?

100 piece jigsaw puzzles usually have a lower difficulty level, making them a great choice for both beginners and children. The larger piece size makes assembly easier to see, while the lower piece count allows for a less complicated process of sorting and putting together the jigsaw. The image pattern and variety of colors will also determine the difficulty in solving 100 piece puzzles. For people looking for more of a challenge, explore 200 piece puzzles, 300 piece, and 500 piece puzzles at Bits and Pieces available in tons of fun, unique designs.

What kind of 100 piece puzzles are there?

At Bits and Pieces, we carry a wide variety of 100 piece puzzles for adults and kids alike. Choose from themes such as dogs and cats, woodland creatures, nature scenes, and depictions of all four seasons. We also carry imaginative, colorful holiday jigsaws perfect for any time of year.

Do 100 piece jigsaw puzzles make good gifts?

Yes, 100 piece puzzles make great gifts! Although a 100 piece puzzle will generally be better suited for kids and beginners, anyone looking to start with a simple jigsaw will delight in the high-quality puzzles at Bits and Pieces.