Vibrant Gardens 4-in-1 Multi-Pack Jigsaw Puzzles

SKU: 40852
Bits Puzzles

Piece Count Selected: 300 Large Piece - 16" x 20"

If you love Kathy Bambeck's work and are looking for more of a challenge, try the Kathy Bambeck multipack puzzle. It features the following four individually bagged puzzles in one box: - Birdhouse Garden - Birdbath Haven - Wishing Well Garden - Butterfly Garden. Also available in multiple piece counts.

  • How long will it take to complete this puzzle multipack?
  • Just keep in mind that your time to completion may vary depending on skill, experience, and other factors.
  • What should I do if I lose a piece from this puzzle multipack?
  • If you're an avid puzzler, it's probably inevitable that you'll lose a piece sooner or later. When it does happen, find out more about how to make your own replacement piece or contact the manufacturer for other options.
Piece Count Selected: 300 Large Piece - 16" x 20"

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