Snow Couple Feeding the Birds Jigsaw Puzzle

SKU: 48769
Bits Puzzles

Piece Count Selected: 50 Large Piece - 15" x 19"

This jigsaw puzzle is designed by William Vanderdasson. Puzzles are not only fun and challenging but also easy to handle, making them suitable for small or less agile hands. Great for both kids and seniors, these puzzles support cognitive development and enhance dexterity and memory. A charming snow couple stands, holding a basket of birdseed to feed the feathered visitors. Chickadees and cardinals gather for a delightful feast, adding a burst of color against the white landscape. Available in multiple piece counts.
  • Made from Recycled Material.
  • Random cut puzzle pieces. No two pieces are alike.
  • Enhance your experience by including puzzle accessories with your order, allowing you to preserve, frame, and proudly showcase your completed puzzle.
  • Shop all of our puzzles for Seniors here.
Piece Count Selected: 50 Large Piece - 15" x 19"

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