Winter Puzzles

Shop our huge assortment of winter jigsaw puzzles in a range of piece counts, shapes, and levels of difficulty. From beautiful winter scene puzzles to ornament-focused puzzles, Bits and Pieces has something to suit any puzzler.
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Winter Puzzles FAQs

Bits and Pieces has the answers to any puzzle questions about our winter themed puzzles, whether you are looking to purchase a winter puzzle for a friend or yourself. Check out our winter scene puzzle frequently asked questions below!

What Kind of Winter Jigsaw Puzzle Should I Buy?

There are two key factors when deciding which winter puzzle to purchase. The first is the difficulty and number of pieces of the puzzle. The greater the pieces, the greater the difficulty. Bits and Pieces offers 1000 piece, 500 piece, and 300 piece winter puzzles. The next factor is deciding the theme of the puzzle. Does the recipient want a Christmas Puzzle or a more general winter themed puzzle, such as a scenic snow puzzle? After narrowing these down, purchasing the perfect winter jigsaw puzzles should be easy!

What are the Best Winter Puzzles for Kids?

The best kind of winter puzzles for kids are the lower count puzzles, such as our 200 piece jigsaw puzzles. Make sure to keep the visual imagery in mind when buying winter puzzles for children; a fun holiday scene might be more memorable for a child than some other selections Bits and Pieces offers.