Dino's Bait & Tackle Shop Jigsaw Puzzle

SKU: 44141

Piece Count Selected: 300 Large Piece - 18" x 24"

Cast your line and reel in the delight of piecing together this charming jigsaw puzzle. Crafted by the keen eye of Joseph Holodook, this quaint village scene invites you to a lively coastal escapade at a legendary bait and tackle shop. Each puzzle piece unfolds stories of local anglers and vibrant community life by the seaside. Whether you're a puzzling novice or a seasoned assembler, this puzzle promises a catch of satisfaction and fun. And for those who yearn for even more intricate details, it's available in an multiple piece count. Dive into this picturesque puzzle and let the seaside serenity wash over you. Puzzles are perfect for both intermediate puzzle enthusiasts and group activities.
  • Designed by Joseph Holodook
  • Random cut pieces for a unique experience
  • Made from recycled materials
Piece Count Selected: 300 Large Piece - 18" x 24"

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