Set of 6: John Sloane Jigsaw Puzzles

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Piece Count Selected: 1000 Piece - 20" x 27"

If you simply can't get enough of John Sloane's puzzle art, neither can we! That's why we offer the John Sloane puzzle set. It includes the following six puzzles: - To Each Her Own - That New Car Smell - Early To Work - A Good Day For Ducks - Groundwork - Fresh Air Each jigsaw puzzle is designed by John Sloane. Available in multiple piece counts.

  • How should I start the John Sloane puzzle set?
  • If you're overwhelmed by the vast number of pieces, pick one puzzle to start with. Then, find the edge pieces and build out the border. From there, you can read our best tips and tricks for finishing your puzzle.
  • In what way is this puzzle set good for me?
  • These puzzles are a great way for anyone to train their brain. These puzzles in particular are great for helping patients with Alzheimer's or dementia because the larger pieces are much easier to see and interact with.
Piece Count Selected: 1000 Piece - 20" x 27"

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