Sunrise Feasting Jigsaw Puzzle

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Piece Count Selected: 50 Large Piece - 15" x 19"

This jigsaw puzzle is designed by Liz Goodrick-Dillon. The birds enjoy a sunrise feast in their bird feeder as the deer, bunnies, and squirrel eat around them. Available in multiple piece counts.
• This jigsaw puzzle is made of recycled cardboard.
• Puzzle offers an enjoyable challenge to all puzzle enthusiasts.
• Add puzzle accessories to your order so you can glue, frame and display your puzzle.
• Bits and Pieces Original Puzzle
• Random cut puzzle pieces

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Piece Count Selected: 50 Large Piece - 15" x 19"

How long will it take to complete the Sunrise Feasting Puzzle?

This puzzle can be completed very fast.

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