World's Best Foam Puzzle Mat Roll Up

SKU: 41905
Bits Exclusive

Our deluxe foam puzzle roll up mat easily allows you to roll up your partially or fully finished jigsaw and all of your sorted pieces with an extraordinarily secure hold to be able to securely store your puzzle.

Puzzle Mat Roll Up Dimensions

  • Total measurements 28" x 38"
  • This foam roll up mat can fit up to 1500 piece jigsaw puzzles, so prepare to break out your biggest Bits and Pieces puzzles.
*Sorry, express shipping not available for World's Best Puzzle Roll-Up System.

Jigsaw Puzzle Mat FAQ

How do you use a puzzle rollup mat?

The improved packaging of the foam surface reduces wrinkling and allows pieces to stick firmly as you work on your jigsaw. Once rolled up, the puzzle is able to stay in place within the foam mat. Attach the VELCRO® and elastic bands to secure the hardwood roll-up in order to move the puzzle to another location, or store it away for another day.

What is the puzzle rollup mat made of?

The puzzle rollup mat is made of foam and comes with a corrugated paper tube to place the foam mat in before and after placing a puzzle inside of it.

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