Fall Jigsaw Puzzles

From spooky haunted houses to clever trick or treaters, our fall puzzles are sure to cater to your inner child! As fall is one of the most charming seasons, our autumn puzzles are nothing short of picturesque. Plus, they are constructed out of high-quality materials so you can enjoy and reuse your puzzle for years to come. You'll almost be able to feel the cool air of fall with our wide selection of fall jigsaw puzzles!

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Fall Puzzles From Bits and Pieces

Watching the leaves and seasons change is part of the magical beauty of fall. At Bits and Pieces, we carry themed autumn jigsaw puzzles in assorted sizes, shapes, and levels of difficulty for everyone to enjoy no matter the time of year. We've been supplying millions of adults and kids with unique jigsaws and other brain teasers since 1983 and are thrilled to share our collection of picturesque fall puzzles with you today. Explore our vast assortment of high-quality products at Bits and Pieces for 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

Fall Puzzle FAQ

Below are a few frequently asked questions about buying fall jigsaw puzzles at Bits and Pieces. We'll help you find the right autumn puzzles to suit your needs, whether you're new to puzzling or are a lifelong aficionado. These products also make great gifts around the holidays, as well as our winter puzzles, and can be done year-round, whenever you're in the mood for a splash of autumn color and festivity!

What Kinds of Fall Jigsaw Puzzles Should I Buy?

The two primary things to keep in mind when shopping for fall puzzles are difficulty level and design. Advanced puzzlers can choose from higher piece counts, such as 750 to 1,500 pieces, while beginners will enjoy something better-suited to help them learn, such as a 300 piece fall jigsaw of a beautiful landscape. It may be helpful to shop based on the number of jigsaw puzzle pieces to ensure a fitting match! Look out for the theme and difficulty of the design as well. While personal preference is important when choosing a puzzle, keep in mind that complicated patterns and large sections of the same color will be more demanding to solve. Easy-to-identify shapes, colors, faces, and distinct lines in the design, contrarily, will generally make things more straightforward. Whichever fall jigsaw puzzles you find appealing, don't forget to have fun! You can also explore multipacks and shaped puzzles if you're looking for something a little different that will be enjoyable for the whole family.

What Are the Best Fall Puzzles for Adults?

Adults with prior puzzling experience might be interested in the challenge of a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle or one with 1,000+ pieces. Explore scenic and intricate designs when shopping for fall puzzles for adults, from colorful rolling hillsides to autumn barns, hayrides with lots of detailed figures, and even spooky Halloween-inspired jigsaw puzzles. In addition to these festive seasonal designs, check out other Bits and Pieces jigsaw puzzles for adults.

Which Autumn Jigsaw Puzzles Are Best for Kids?

Themed autumn puzzles are great for kids looking for a fun and engaging way to spend time. Choose lower piece counts for younger children, such as 200 piece jigsaw puzzles in whichever designs seem most appealing. We carry a large selection of kid and family-friendly fall jigsaws to explore, featuring charming nature scenes with hayrides, farm animals, pumpkins, and more. For other ideas, check out Bits and Pieces jigsaw puzzles for kids.