Wildlife Jigsaw Puzzles

Love the outdoors? Find the perfect new puzzle for you or a friend among our selection of wildlife jigsaw puzzles. With over 100 puzzles to choose from, you're sure to find a great puzzle that will challenge you for days! Choose from wild animal puzzles that include animals such as birds, bears, deer, wolves, and more!

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Wildlife Jigsaw Puzzles for Adults FAQ

Whether you're buying a puzzle for yourself, or your wildlife enthusiast friend or family member, Bits and Pieces has some tips for frequently asked questions on wildlife puzzles.

What Makes Wildlife Puzzles Unique?

Wildlife jigsaw puzzles feature detailed imagery of wild animals or beautiful vistas that are unmatched by regular jigsaw puzzles. Whether you love wildlife or not, you'll find yourself in awe of Bits and Pieces' unique outdoor jigsaw puzzles. While our selection of wildlife puzzles are challenging enough for adults, they also make a unique gift for kids!

How Many Pieces Come with Each Wildlife Puzzle?

Each wildlife or wild animal puzzle can come with a varying amount of pieces. Most of our puzzles are between 300 pieces to 1000 pieces. We recommend picking the piece count based on the number of people working together and the desired difficulty.